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In chaos theory, the "Butterfly Effect" is the sensitive dependency on initial conditions in which a small change at one place in a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.

The small change is to formally and legally end/ban/prohibit/stop all wood burning indoors and outdoors in one place---Elk Grove Village, Illinois, U.S.A. By doing so, this will create the Butterfly Effect, and it will spread to other communities. Elk Grove Village is a northwest suburban community, just west of O'Hare Airport.

But, to create the Butterfly Effect to protect the health, quality of life, and the air/environment in this community, the Breathe Healthy Air Coalition needs the support of a philanthropist or a lawyer who will take legal action pro-bono. This kind person should care deeply about the environment and the air we have to breathe to exist. The 33,350 souls that live in Elk Grove Village need your help to end the horrors of deadly woodsmoke (PM2.5) that permeates the air each and every day for too many years.

There have been three formal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) complaints filed by three Elk Grove Village residents, and still actively pending, with the U.S. Department of Justice. Woodsmoke emissions prevent these three individuals, and many, many others, from participating in village activities, walking in the park, or even riding their bike, due to the harmful effects of woodsmoke in the air.

Woodsmoke is an actual “physical barrier” to the use and access of public spaces. Therefore, cities, towns, and businesses are required under ADA guidelines to remove all barriers that can prevent some people from using and “accessing” public spaces and activities. Woodsmoke emissions presents a physical barrier that is equivalent to other physical barriers that discriminate against those with disabilities when they can’t access public spaces or participate in public activities.

Thus, the burning of wood, which the elected officials of Elk Grove Village, Illinois, have been informed about many times over the years, is harmful, deadly, and violates the ADA, still continues.

The DOJ cannot take any action to officially review the three formal ADA complaints due to a shortage of DOJ people to investigate these sincere and formal ADA complaints. In the DOJ reply to the three complaintants, the DOJ stated that they will investigate ONLY if a formal, federal lawsuit is filed which then will force the DOJ to investigate the three complaints.

The initial cost to retain a lawyer to initiate the formal, federal ADA lawsuit, is $5,000-$10,000. But the cost could rise to $30,000-$40,000 due to air quality testing (if needed), depositions, and expert witnesses. That is why the Breathe Healthy Air Coalition is seeking the support of a philanthropist or a lawyer who will take this federal legal action pro-bono.

This sincere request for help from a philanthropist or a lawyer (pro-bono) who will initiate the formal, federal ADA lawsuit, is being posted today, June 7, 2014, on the Breathe Healthy Air website. Please read our previous posts on this subject, and the many other posts in the past..........................

When Elk Grove Village, Illinois, U.S.A., is formally and legally required to adhere and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by not allowing the environment to be polluted with woodsmoke emissions which prevent many residents from enjoying the activities of their community, the "Butterfly Effect" will ripple through nearby communities, and other communities throughout the Unites States...and the world!

We anxiously await your help! Thank you.
Breathe Healthy Air Coalition

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The following was received in response to our sincere request above.............

June 15, 2014
The magnificent Butterfly featured on the BHA blog, represents a fragile creature with the ability to freely move about in nature displaying it's glorious colours for all to see and share. The sincere and heartfelt appeal of the world-wide Coalition members of Breathe Healthy Air represents lives being harmed hourly and daily not only in Elk Grove Village, but around the Globe from Woodsmoke pollution. The caring words represent the immediate need and urgent call to action by our leaders and those who make community decisions for one and all to end Woodburning in urban communities. This necessary action must be taken seriously to end/ban/prohibit not only Recreational woodsmoke pollution but also Residential Woodsmoke pollution in order for people everywhere to live a healthy life and to protect our fragile environment.

As we watch the beauty of a butterfly flutter about in our yard/gardens or street we are often awestruck by the fact one moment it is with us and the next moment the beautiful, delicate creature has flown off into the distance. Unfortunately the butterflies ability to move out of harms way into other areas seldom represents that of the lives of millions being harmed by all forms of Woodsmoke pollution. People in the line of fire of woodsmoke pollution, cannot like the butterfly just up and take off in flight. Why? Because often/most times, in communities without laws and bans regarding Woodsmoke Pollution, there is no safe place to go!

This lack of freedom to take off in flight by the many sick, suffering and dying victims of Woodsmoke pollution simply means, if you move away to one area of your community that may appear Woodsmoke-free, that may only be for a brief period of time due to the fact that if no laws/bans exist, then any neighbor on any side of the street/or adjacent property can move in, set up a wood burning stove, woodburning fire place, or outdoor wood burning fire pits and devices and make sick again, an entire community.

Some may be under the impression that Woodsmoke is contained to a specific lot/property, but the opposite is true as woodsmoke travels for miles, affecting every person in the path of smoke/plumes that carries with it a host of deadly, cancer causing compounds, many similar to those found in Tobacco/cigarette-smoke. No one is safe! There is no safe level of Woodsmoke to breathe. For the many bans already adopted to protect human health from the known cancer causing chemicals in Tobacco-smoke, few currently exist in communities where people are presently being exposed to and from the known toxic compounds found in Woodsmoke pollution, know as fine particulate matter (PM2.5).

Our fragile lungs suffer from the toxic assault of Woodsmoke pollution. Our airways cannot filter out the deadly toxic Woodsmoke compounds that when inhaled go deeply into our lungs causing irreparable damage. Every aspect of our health suffers from the toxic exposure to all Woodsmoke pollution in our communities. Formaldehyde can have neurotoxic effects. Formaldehyde is a by-product of cigarette smoke! Formaldehyde is in Woodsmoke! The EPA lists potentially dangerous chemical compounds such as Lead, Methyl Mercury (in Woodsmoke) have the ability to diminish intellectual potential and impair memory, among other known health hazards.

There is no safe threshold for exposure to woodsmoke (fine particulate matter (PM2.5)! Woodsmoke is a Toxic Trespass, violating our right to breathe healthy air. Woodsmoke is a barrier to access, allowing only some to access areas that do contain Woodsmoke pollution while limiting others the same equal rights and protection from the harm of deadly toxins such as those in Woodsmoke.

Woodsmoke compounds are detected in our bloodstream and exhaled breath within 60 seconds of inhaling it, making unsafe for everyone, the breathing of Woodsmoke polluted community air. Woodsmoke particles were found to be more powerful than other kinds of air pollution causing potentially cancerous changes to DNA.

An EPA study found that breathing woodsmoke during a high pollution day is the same as smoking 4-16 cigarettes! Our communities cannot continue on a downward spiral of denial and neglect regarding the urgent need to ban/end/prohibit all forms of Woodsmoke pollution, doing so means our community leaders are setting double standards by stating no smoking of tobacco/cigarette products are unacceptable, but smoking your neighbours daily toxic Woodsmoke is acceptable. Such a double standard is absolutely unacceptable by millions of non-smokers who demand equal protection from Woodsmoke in their neighbourhoods.

Over 90% of Woodsmoke particles are smaller than 1 micron--behaving more like a gas than a particle, thus Woodsmoke pollution is killing us!!

A Wood burning device can produce approximately 200 times as much pollution as a Natural Gas furnace per BTU created. The majority of Urban communities supply Natural Gas to the majority of homes. Their is no need for burning wood that pollutes our air, harms our health and is a leading cause of premature death world-wide.

If you can smell Woodsmoke, you are being exposed to deadly toxic chemicals. Up to 70% of the woodsmoke that exits a chimney re-enters nearby homes. Are you living in the area of a wood burner? If so, then you are also being exposed to many toxic chemicals that are affecting your health, the air your breathe and compromising your short-term health and long-term health. You have already become a victim of Woodsmoke pollution without even knowing it!

One older wood burning stove pollutes as much as five dirty diesel buses. One wood burning fireplace can emit as much particulate pollution as 90 SUVs.

Yes, we all deserve the right to breathe healthy air--air that is Woodsmoke-free. Millions support the thoughts and positive pro-active actions of the Breathe Healthy Air Coalition world-wide. Many will benefit from positive pro-active action that state each and every community must immediately make Woodsmoke pollution number one on their priority agenda by protecting the health, safety and security of all community residents by banning/prohibiting the use of all Wood burning devices and appliances.

Everyone will benefit, as did millions whose lives were saved from the ravages of cancer caused by tobacco/cigarette smoking via Tobacco bans. The same positive action will ripple through community after community when Woodburning is banned, benefiting one and all, the young, fragile elderly, those with pre-existing health conditions and even the healthy, whose lives are daily, negatively impacted by breathing Woodsmoke Pollution.

Thank you to the Breathe Healthy Air Coalition for years of dedicated service to mankind and their positive outreach taking daily pro-active action addressing the deadly issues of Tobacco-smoke and Woodsmoke pollution, making ours a better, healthier and safer world in which to live.

Linda Baker Beaudin
Founder, Air Is Precious
Air Is Precious
Protect It! Don't Pollute It with Woodsmoke!